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Dwight Forrest was born in Westmoreland, Jamaica, where he was exposed to business administration at a young age. His parents owned a local grocery store, and after school, Dwight and his siblings were tasked with running all aspects of the business as a team, with Dwight serving as the manager in charge. This experience instilled in him a strong work ethic and a passion for business administration.


After graduating among the best of his peers from Rusea's High School in Lucea, Jamaica, Dwight attended Montego Bay Community College, where he continued his studies in business administration. In 1998, Dwight had the opportunity to migrate to the US, where he attended Broward College and graduated in 2002 with an Associates of Arts in Business. From there, he went on to FAU, where he majored in Management Information Systems and minored in Finance, graduating in 2006.


In 2014, Dwight started working with Broward County as an accountant, and quickly rose through the ranks to become a Senior Accountant. Despite being told he did not qualify for a position, he enrolled in Barry University to pursue a Master's in Public Administration and successfully graduated in 2020. Not content with taking the easy route, Dwight pursued continuing education in the form of a Master's in Public Accounting from NSU to be able to manage the public's funds.

Experience That Counts  Leadership You Can Trust

As the current Accounting Manager at the Broward County Tax Collector's Office, Dwight has been at the forefront of managing the workload of staff and maintaining employee morale. He has implemented numerous strategies to improve employee morale, including regular staff training and mentorship programs. Dwight understands that the key to providing excellent customer service is to have a motivated and well-trained staff.


Dwight's passion for public service is evident in his commitment to managing the public's funds with utmost responsibility and transparency. He understands that the tax collector's office plays a crucial role in the community, and is committed to putting the taxpayer first. His top priorities include investing in multiple options and programs to allow taxpayers more convenient ways to pay their taxes more accurately and efficiently, as well as increasing public awareness and outreach efforts to educate taxpayers on tax policies and procedures.


As an experienced professional in the field of accounting and public administration, Dwight has the skills and knowledge necessary to lead the Broward County Tax Collector's Office with competence and integrity. His vast experience in managing budgets and ensuring compliance with accounting standards makes him the best choice for the position. Dwight is committed to providing excellent customer service, reducing wait times for taxpayers, and managing the workload of staff while maintaining employee morale.


Dwight's commitment to public service extends beyond his professional work. He is an active member of his community and has served on various boards and committees, including the Broward County Fair Housing and Equal Employment Opportunity Advisory Board, the Economic Development Council of Broward County, and the Broward County Housing Authority. Dwight is dedicated to improving the lives of his fellow citizens, and his passion for public service is unwavering.


In conclusion, Dwight Forrest is a conscientious and passionate candidate who is committed to managing the public's funds with utmost responsibility and transparency. He is the best choice for the Broward County Tax Collector's Office, with his vast experience in managing budgets, ensuring compliance with accounting standards, and providing excellent customer service. Dwight's commitment to public service, integrity, and community makes him the ideal candidate for the position.


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